Free Car Hire to and from London City Airport using BMW Car Sharing Club DriveNow

The BMW-owned car share club DriveNow currently has a free signup offer, along with £20 free driving credit. And you can use it to drive to and from LCY!

DriveNow Car on London Street

How it works

DriveNow is a 24/7 car sharing service owned by BMW. It has over 700 cars (mostly brand new 68 plate BMWs and Minis) around London. They’ve just announced an expansion into five more London boroughs.

DriveNow Logo

You can reserve a car and unlock it through the app any time of day or night, drive it from A to B, and then end your rental as long as you’re within the DriveNow area. You are then billed for the time that you’ve used the car. This is as little as 25p per minute, depending on the time of day and the model of car.

DriveNow app showing car availability

DriveNow have a lot of cars


DriveNow app showing car details

You can view the car’s details before reserving it. They each have their own name. How cute.

What’s the deal?

DriveNow have temporarily reduced their joining free from £29 to £0. On top of that, they’re giving new customers £20 of driving credit to try out the service. This is good for around 60 minutes’ driving (based on a 33p per minute rate).

How can I travel to and from London City Airport?

DriveNow has a partnership with London City Airport, where they have dedicated DriveNow parking bays in the airport car park.

This means you can pick-up a DriveNow car at the airport, and if you live in one of the nine London boroughs serviced by DriveNow, you can drive it straight to your doorstep. It also works vice-versa, in that you can pick up your car from a DriveNow zone and drive it straight to the airport terminal!

Map showing DriveNow spaces at London City Airport (LCY)

Note that there is an additional £2.50 charge for journeys originating and terminating at London City. Despite this, you are still likely to save significantly compared to the equivalent journey in an Uber or Black Cab. The £20 free credit that DriveNow are currently offering also means that you could potentially get free car hire to or from London City Airport. As DriveNow is a pay-per-minute car hire service, whether or not your trip would actually be free depends on your actual journey time.

How do I sign up? 

In order to join the DriveNow service, you need a driving licence and credit card. You can find out more information and join via the DriveNow website. But if you follow our tips below, you could get £15 cashback on top of the free DriveNow membership and £20 driving credit…!

How can I make this more rewarding?

I’m glad you asked. There’s a neat little way to get £15 cashback on your free DriveNow signup, through TopCashback.

It only takes a few extra minutes. You can also check out our recent post and learn more about how TopCashback works.

Step 1: Use this link to sign up to TopCashback. You’ll get a free £5 prepaid virtual MasterCard for signing up.

Step 2: Once logged into your TopCashback account, search for DriveNow. You will see that TopCashback are currently offering £10 cashback for signing up through them to DriveNow.

Step 3: Click ‘Get Cashback Now’, which will take you to the DriveNow website.Sign up to DriveNow as normal, and you’ll get an additional £10 cashback into your TopCashback account.


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