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My discovery of ebookers’ loyalty scheme is one of the reasons for me gradually turning away from booking the various components of my holiday (e.g. flight, hotel, car hire) direct with the relevant company (e.g. British Airways, Marriott, Budget). It’s called BONUS+ and let me give you 4 reasons why it might be worth considering signing up and booking through it when you make your next travel purchase…

1. Cashback in the form of BONUS+ Rewards

Purchases you make through ebookers allow you to earn cashback redeemable against future purchases on ebookers, in the form of BONUS+ points, where one BONUS+ point is equivalent to £1.00. You can earn BONUS+ points on eligible flighthotel and package bookings. A package is defined by ebookers as any combination of flight, hotel and car.

The headline 5% rewards rate is based on the booking cost before add-ons, insurance and payment fees.

You can track your rewards after logging into your account on the ebookers website, and all the information is presented in a handy dashboard.

Ebookers Bonus Earnings Dashboard

2. Membership tiers

Funnily enough, I found out about the various ebookers BONUS+ membership tiers by accident – after making a handful of hotel bookings for a recent trip to the USA, I was pleasantly bewildered to receive an email telling me I had been promoted to Gold Member!


The tiers are listed below:

  • Silver member – automatic enrolment when you join. Allows you to get ‘insider prices’ on hotels, priority phone booking, and the ability to earn BONUS+ credit.
  • Gold member – after staying 4 or more nights in a year. In addition to silver benefits, gives you a free airport lounge pass and a credit rebate in BONUS+ for any luggage and wi-fi costs you may incur on your travels.
  • Platinum member – after staying 12 or more nights a year. In addition to the gold benefits described above, gives you a second airport lounge pass, and extra benefits at ebookers VIP hotels.

3. Comparable prices to booking direct

I’ve found that for recent flights I’ve purchased through ebookers with the main airlines, such as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, the prices have been identical to booking direct. In fact, the charge to my credit card has sometimes been from the airline itself rather than from ebookers! This has allowed me to pick up valuable extra points (e.g. avios, virgin flying club, amex membership rewards) as the card company was able to recognise that purchase as an eligible points-earning purchase.

4. BONUS+ can be combined with other cashback

One of my favourite things about eBookers BONUS+ is that the points you earn are in addition to other cashback you could get from websites such as TopCashback. At the time of writing this post, TopCashback is offering up to 13.13% cashback on hotel spend. This, combined with 5% BONUS+ credit, can result in a valuable discount on what may already be an excellent hotel rate. You can learn more about TopCashback in one of my previous posts.

The Bottom Line

I hope I’ve been able to sum-up some of the key features of ebookers’ loyalty programme, why it has been useful for me, and how you could take the discounts to a pro level by combining them with cashback websites.

Follow this link to sign up for ebookers BONUS+. As always, be sure to check out the programme’s terms and conditions to make sure it’s right for you. 

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