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London is a wonderful city with so much to offer in terms of cinema, theatre, live music and entertainment, and other special events like film premieres, festivals and expeditions. A huge problem I have is that I enjoy these things a bit too much. It transpires that I’ve spent a fair bit of money in the “Entertainment” category (I’ve been able to keep track of this thanks to my Curve card), and so I’m actively trying not to spend so much money on these events. Of course, I could just not go out at all, but where’s the fun in that?! The solution is ShowFilmFirst.

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ShowFilmFirst is a members-only service that offers some of the best seats in the house to the hottest nights out in London and elsewhere in the UK. Here’s how it works: venues and promoters working on behalf of artists and productions team up with ShowFilmFirst to offer free event tickets to its members free of charge!

Why would they do this? They might show preview films or performances to get audience feedback, or might offer free tickets to get publicity for the event through ‘word of mouth’, or they might have spare seats that need filling close to the time of the show.

Discretion is a big part of ShowFilmFirst – its members are asked not to tell others that they got the tickets for free. I mean, I’d be pretty upset if I had paid full price for a concert at London’s o2 arena only to find out that the pair of people sat next to me had got in for free…

Over the past few years I’ve been to loads of great events in London for free. As I alluded to above, I can’t disclose exactly what I’ve seen – but I can tell you that they include:

  • A red carpet premiere in Central London attended by the cast and director (including an Oscar winner)
  • A film preview which took place in a luxury purpose-built screening cinema at the headquarters of a major international film distributor
  • A multi-Grammy award winner’s arena concert
  • London West End Theatre shows
  • Stand-up comedy shows in Central London

What are you waiting for? Apply to be a member of ShowFilmFirst today by visiting

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