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London south bank at night

You’re probably familiar with Uber, the ride-hailing app that lets you summon a cab at the touch of a button, which has been rapidly expanding across the globe. In doing so it has outraged London’s taxi drivers as well as those around the world.

As a Londoner I’m always interested in new companies and services that descend upon the capital. I wanted to share with you a recent discovery of mine – ViaVan. I also wanted to tell you how you can use it for free travel in London.

Viavan logo

ViaVan has some similarities with Uber in that you use its app to request a cab, and the cab then takes you from A to B. The app encourages the use of ‘shared rides’ (similar to Uber’s uberpool feature), by offering rides across zone 1 for just £3.00. Their catchment area is impressive and suits most of my travel needs perfectly.

ViaVan London Catchment Area

The great news is if you use my referral code ali8w5 when you sign up, you get £10 free credit, which effectively gives you three free rides with a quid’s change left over. Once you’ve signed up you can then refer others and earn £10 credit each time yourself.

For those who may feel a bit uneasy about using a new cab company, all the cab drivers are TfL PCO (Public Carriage Office) licensed – in other words, they are licensed mini cabs, just like Uber. Also, I’m aware that people may prefer to have their own cab – you’ll be pleased to hear that of the several ‘shared rides’ I’ve taken, only one has been with other passengers. If that still doesn’t satisfy the social recluses amongst you, you’ll surely be delighted to hear that you can use ViaVan request a private cab too…

I hope I’ve convinced you of some of the benefits of signing up to ViaVan. Again, the promotional code ali8w5 will net you £10 of free rides.

Get the ViaVan app here

If you have any other tips for cost-effective ways of getting around town, let us know in the comments below. If you’ve found it useful, please consider sharing this article with your friends.


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