3 of the best coffee shops in North London

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I’m always on the lookout for good coffee. Whether it’s for the morning commute or a lazy Sunday alongside a book, North London is bound to have a coffee shop that you’ll enjoy. I thought I’d share with you some of my favourites. Whether you’re visiting the area or live here, I would recommend giving one (or all!) of these a try.

1. The CoffeeWorks Project

CoffeeWorks Project, Angel, Islington

Nestled on a quiet back street just off Upper Street in Islington, this is one of my go-to places for good coffee. It boasts a small outdoor patio, a range of quirky seating options, and some of the best banana bread I’ve ever tried. If you’re into people watching, be sure to grab a spot on one of the high chairs overlooking the floor-to-ceiling front windows.

The CoffeeWorks Project, 96-98 Islington High Street, London N1 8EG

2. Music & Beans

Music & Beans, Green Lanes

Music & Beans is a wonderful little café on the bustling Green Lanes in Haringey. As the name suggests, this place doesn’t just do coffee – it also specialises in music lessons, rehearsal space and instruments. Sometimes quality gets diluted with shops that offer very different things – not with Music & Beans. In addition to great-tasting coffee, it also serves a range of vegan salads and an a la carte menu with various brunchy offerings. I’ve only been to this one, but I’m told they recently opened one up in Camden Town.

Music & Beans, 461 Green Lanes, London, N4 1HE

3. Cafe Beam

Cafe Beam, Crouch End

Café Beam is a nice little family-run place in Crouch End and is somewhat of an institution amongst the locals there. It was recently awarded the accolades of “Most Loved Local Coffee Place” and “Most Loved Local Brunch Spot” in Crouch End by TimeOut magazine. With artisan Allpress coffee and extensive offerings for breakfast, lunch and brunch, you’re bound to have a nice time at Beam. They’ll soon be opening another branch in Highbury, on Blackstock Road, which I look forward to paying a visit to.

Cafe Beam, 40-51 Topsfield Parade, London N8 8PT

Have you been to any of these places? Do you have other suggestions for great coffee in North London? Let us know in the comments.


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